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2VV - Partners in Ventilation


For a quarter of a century, 2VV have been designing and manufacturing ventilation equipment which improves indoor environments and contributes to energy conservation. Heat recovery units are an important product of theirs, which have gained international recognition. We are proud to partner with 2VV in the UK Market, supporting 2VV products improving people's lives around the world

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INGREMIO–PESZEL specializes in the production of plastic pipes and profiles mainly for the sectors of electrical installation and telecommunication, automotive and heating technology and systems.

Ingremio is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of corrugated pipes in Europe and the unquestionable leader in Poland. The company competes in the technical sphere with the world’s largest manufacturers. Thanks to its flexibility, it is able to adjust the characteristics and parameters of products and service to individual customer requirements. 

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Östberg strives to be the global technology leader in the innovation, manufacturing and sales of duct fans, air handling units and rotors.

We have the highest standards for our production. A large part of our production is automated, with secure quality controls that monitor each product throughout the entire manufacturing process. This means that the approved final product is always guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

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Avensys is an innovative product development company in the ventilation industry, based near Milan, the center of great ideas and design research.

Innovations in electronics and information technology ensure that ventilation applications are more and more in line with the needs of well-being and the reduction of consumption. The constant search for innovation is confirmed by our numerous patents and product certifications.

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OC IMP Klima

OC IMP Klima d.o.o. is a recognized international provider of solutions and products for all types of buildings in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. As part of the Orange Climate Group they are committed to the development of innovations which improve the quality of life in the area of living comfort. 

With economical, energy saving and environmental friendly solutions and products we contribute to the sustainable development of natural and social environments. Within the corporate structure we represent a group of companies for research, development and production of HVAC equipment with an international sales network and qualified technical support teams.

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